is ECHA members’ newsletter. It appears periodically twice a year and is currently edited by Marianne Roessingh van Iterson. You can find practical information and materials for classroom activities as well as information about research on giftedness in different countries. It is the place where national correspondents perodically place short articles describing what is going on in the field of giftedness in their countries. Also it is a way to provide information about latest book releases, research seminars, training programmes, regional conferences, etc.

The two issues are published in spring and autumn respectively.


Editor: Albert Ziegler, University of Ulm, Germany

Publication Details:
2 issues per year published in June and December
ISSN 1359-8139

Aims and Scope of H.A.S.:

High Ability Studies provides a forum for scholars in a variety of disciplines associated with the development of human abilities to their highest level. It is a medium for the promotion of high ability, whether through the communication of scientific research, theory, or the exchange of practical experience and ideas. The contents of this journal are unique in reflecting concerns and recent developments in this area from childhood and across the whole life span in a variety of contexts. Far from being restricted to the traditional focus on high-level cognitive development, it also presents investigations into all other areas of human endeavour, including sport, technology, the arts, business, management and social relations.

The journal is concerned with aspects of development, personality, cognition, social behaviour and cross-cultural issues in relation to high ability. Theoretical modelling and measurement techniques, as well as instructional strategies and curriculum issues, are of interest. Consequently, the journal presents material which is relevant to researchers in the field, to managers who have highly able individuals employed, to policy makers who need to find frameworks by which to make the best use of high ability in society, to mentors, coaches, teachers, counsellors and parents of highly able children. Furthermore, the contents are not restricted to the study of manifest high level achievement, but include the identification and nurturance of unexercised potential. High Ability Studies is an internationally refereed journal which publishes papers in English, as well as reviews of books and other relevant material. It is the official scholarly journal of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA).

High Ability Studies is recognised and indexed by ISI.


Latest conference proceedings:

Franz J. Mönks and Harald Wagner (Eds.)
Development Of Human Potential: Investment Into Our Future

Previous ECHA publications:

Cropley, A.J. & Dehn, D. (Eds.)(1996). Fostering the growth of high ability: European perspectives. Norwood, New Jersey: Ablex Publishing Company (628 pp.)

This volume contains selected articles from the European Journal for High Ability, the forerunner (1990-1996) of High Ability Studies.