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Programmes and Projects of Centre Bistric

Posted on May 7, 2005 in News

ECHA News is the magazine of the European Council for High Ability, which is sent to members twice a year. Some of the articles contain photos, but unfortunately in the magazine they cannot be reproduced in colour. This is particularly sad when they show works of art by children. Therefore it was decided to present some of these pictures on the ECHA website. They are part of the article “Programmes and Projects of Center Bistrić” by Jasna Lay in ECHA News vol. 19, no. 1.

The Centre for Gifted Child Development Bistrić and Technical culture of the city of Zagreb organises workshops for gifted pupils from grade 1 to 4 of the elementary school.

Parents usually, even without additional education, notice the creativity of the child as one of the essential signs of a possible gift. As signs of the child’s creativity the parents most frequently mention “ways of solving problems; interesting, original questions and answers; combining different materials in a creative, unique way; the child’s inventions; artistic and verbal creativity”. This proves the sensibility of parents and their ability to recognise the creativity of the child through his behaviour. Immediately after these parents’ evaluations comes “hours of working on themes of interest (for example, pictures by the artistically gifted boy Kresimir shown on this website); very long attention span on certain subject matters”.

Through the training at the Centre Bistrić for stimulating creativity and application of creative exercises, through demonstration of the children’s works and application of criteria to evaluate creativity, as well as getting acquainted with significant indicators of creativity in children and adults, teachers and educators can check if and how much they are creative, and learn how to awaken creativity in kindergarten and school.

Kresimir was born in 1995 in Zagreb. He was identified as very artistically talented within the project of prevention of unacceptable behaviour of gifted children from the age of 6 to 11, which was conducted by the Centre Bistrić and started in 2000.

He is the illustrator of front page of the handbook with exercises for stimulating creative thinking “You can do it differently”, published in 2004.
His first independent exhibition was in June of 2004 when he was eight years old. Besides of his rich imagination he gives extremely interesting titles to his drawings, paintings and sculptures. He also writes a poems.

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